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Footprint Modeling

This is a cool and unprecedented tool that allows you to view a satellite map of your site, and draw the area you’d like to include in the footprint calculation. You can draw additional areas you want to compute fluxes within or flag for exclusion. And you can even save a snapshot of the footprint for when you’re ready to present your data.

Automatic Weather Station Data Retrieval

Missing some meteorological data for your primary flux drivers? Don’t worry. With this tool, you can view and choose from nearby weather stations (NOAA-IS or ECMWF ERA-Interim data) and use any combination of those data to gap-fill your site’s meteorological dataset.


Flux Gap Filling

Using a Marginal Distribution Sampling (MDS) technique, as implemented by the Integrated Carbon Observatory System (ICOS), gaps are filled by building a relationship among the key drivers (vapor pressure deficit, solar radiation and air temperature) and net ecosystem exchange, latent engery, and heat.

Visualization Tools

Tovi has many visual tools that allow you to make your complex data more understandable, accessible, and usable. Quickly see all your data coverage in one all-encompassing view. View statistics such as the percentage of available data per time series. And quickly identify those areas of the time series that might need a bit of gap-filling. Or try the new Fingerprint Plot tool to see your data in a heat map, to quickly discover seasonal and temporal patterns.



Filter your flux data by any variable, or use a slider to easily set the min/max threshold. Complete your QA/QC with a single software package - without writing a single line of code.

U* Threshold (Friction Velocity) Detection

Tovi uses a Moving Point Test (MPT) technique to detect the threshold for low turbulence. This algorithm is used by EuroFlux for the FLUXNET synthesis data and is now used by both ICOS and AmeriFlux networks.


Custom Code

An integrated coding environment allows you to explore, analyze, and plot your data using the Python™ programming language.


Import from EddyPro or SmartFlux, and export into the most popular formats, including Excel®, .csv, JSON, MATLAB®, NETCDF, and a format compatible with the Max Planck Institute online gap-filling tool.


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Introductory Pricing for Collaborators

An annual subscription is available now at an introductory price of $900.00 U.S. This price includes free upgrades throughout your subscription period, which will give us a chance to build in some great new features, and give you a chance to tell us what you like, or don’t like; we’ll use your feedback and expertise to improve Tovi on our end.

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Download this 12-month eddy covariance data set to practice using. This file consists of a 12-month EddyPro output with flux results, biomet results, and metadata; as well as the project metadata file and EddyPro project file that are used by Tovi.

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