Highly Cross-Adsorbed NIR Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies

IRDye® Secondary Antibodies


Highly Cross-Adsorbed IRDye Secondary Antibodies Provide Superior Performance

Quality and performance of secondary antibodies is crucial for Western blotting, In-Cell Western™ Assays, immunohistochemistry, and many other applications. IRDye secondary antibodies are highly cross-adsorbed, making them suitable for multi-color detection.

IRDye secondary antibodies have been optimized for use with the Odyssey® family of imaging systems and can be used on instruments with similar excitation and emission filters.

Choosing the Right Dye-Conjugated Antibody

Select the right IRDye secondary antibody for your application using information in the table below. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right secondary antibodies:

  • Choose IRDye 800CW secondary antibodies for low background and high sensitivity in the 800nm channel. Use IRDye 800CW for detecting targets that require the highest sensitivity. Dilution working range 1:10,000 – 1:40,000.
  • Choose IRDye 680RD secondary antibodies for the lowest background and easiest optimization when detecting in the 700nm channel. Dilution working range 1:10,000 – 1:40,000.
  • Choose IRDye 680LT secondary antibodies for applications that require greater light stability (such as microscopy) and when optimal Western blot conditions for specific targets have already been well-established. IRDye 680LT secondary antibodies tend to require more optimization than IRDye 680RD secondary antibodies, but they have the advantage of typically being used at much lower concentrations. Dilution range 1:20,000 – 1:40,000. Note: Please see the IRDye 680LT antibody pack insert for specific detergents and protocol modifications needed for optimization.
Application IRDye 800CW IRDye 680RD IRDye 680LT
Western Blot checkmark checkmark checkmark
In‑Cell Western Assay checkmark checkmark Not Recommended
On‑Cell Western Assay checkmark checkmark Not Recommended
Protein Array checkmark checkmark checkmark
Immunohistochemistry checkmark checkmark checkmark
Microscopy checkmark checkmark checkmark
2D Gel Detection checkmark checkmark checkmark
Tissue Section Imaging checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virus Titration Assay checkmark
FRET-based Assays checkmark checkmark checkmark
Small Animal Imaging checkmark checkmark Not Recommended