LI-COR Software for Proteomics Imaging and Analysis


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Empiria Studio® Software

Advanced Analysis Software

Empiria Studio is designed for intuitive analysis of images acquired on LI-COR imaging systems, such as images of near-infrared Western blots, nucleic acid gels, protein gels, microscope slides, and multiwell plates.

Built on a foundation of publisher best practices, Empiria Studio’s workflows minimize user-to-user variation, compute statistical values beyond what is available in Image Studio, and provide extensive analysis options for reliable and publishable results.

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Image Studio Software

Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

With Image Studio, you get flexibility and essential quantification results for a variety of assays. Tools for image acquisition, analysis, and display adjustment are all organized into ribbons, so the feature you need is never more than a few clicks away.

Image Studio 6.0 is available for use with supported instruments (Odyssey® M Imager, Odyssey F, Odyssey CLx, Odyssey DLx, Odyssey Fc, Odyssey XF, Pearl Imaging Systems, and the C-DiGit Blot Scanner).

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LI-COR Acquisition Software

LI-COR® Acquisition Software

Image Acquisition Software

LI-COR Acquisition Software is included with the Odyssey M, Odyssey DLx, and Odyssey XF, and is compatible with the Odyssey Fc and Odyssey CLx.

Designed to work with Empiria Studio analysis software, LI-COR Acquisition Software features workflows for consistency and replicability, an image gallery for quick review of images, raw image preservation, and automatic image tagging (including assay type) to help with fast and accurate analysis in Empiria Studio.

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