Solar Power Optimization

Variations in solar radiation at a site can dramatically affect energy yields from solar generation facilities.

Accurate assessments of solar power resources at a potential site can support planning and provide information that ensures optimum solar power yield.

Why monitor solar energy resources?

  • Determine actual potential energy yield
  • Identify ideal locations for solar power stations and panels
  • Optimize placement to maximize efficiency
  • Monitor system performance over time

Together, this information will help maximize your return on investment in solar energy.

LI-200R Pyranometer

Why choose the LI-200R?

The LI-200R combines durability and economy as a low-cost alternative to class one thermopile pyranometers. It provides accurate measurements of total solar radiation under clear sky conditions.

  • Sensor is removable from the base/cable assembly for simpler maintenance and replacement
  • Replace cables or sensors individually to reduce costs
  • Cables of many lengths and terminal options to suit different site requirements
  • Compatible with data loggers that read volts, millivolts, or microamps
  • Excellent sensitivity to light from solar angles to 82°

Designed for long-term outdoor deployment, the LI-200R is an excellent choice for solar power resource assessment and optimization.

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How does the LI-200R compare with thermopile sensors?

The LI-200R is ideal for solar energy monitoring because it provides quality measurements at a low cost.

  • Low maintenance operation for long-term deployment
  • Less sensitive to dust and dirt
  • Response time less than 1 microsecond

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