Chambers and Light Sources

LI-6800 chambers and light sources accommodate leaves of nearly any shape and size. And now you can add algae and other aquatic organisms to the mix.

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Light Sources


Accessories and Packages

CO2 Tank Adapter Kit

An optional adapter to connect a tank of compressed CO2 to the CO2 injector. Part number 9968-109.

Auxiliary Power Cable

Cable used to connect a deep cycle marine battery to the LI-6800 for power. Part number 9968-242

Light Source Extension Cable

Cable used to connect a second light source to the LI-6800 sensor head. Part number 9968-243.

Conifer Sprig Kit

Blocks used to expand the volume of the Large Leaf and Needle Chamber, which can be used to measure conifer sprigs. Part number: 9968-271.

Sub-sample Kit

The sub-sample kit includes all the hardware required to collect gas from the sample and reference air streams and each exhaust air stream. The kit has four connectors for the sample, reference, and exhaust air streams, four T-fittings, and two needle valves. Part number 9968-210

Chamber Packages

Chambers and corresponding light sources are available individually or as packages. If you want both a chamber and light source, order one of the following packages.

  • 6800-02P: Clear-top Chamber with Small Light Source
  • 6800-13L: Large Leaf and Needle Chamber and Conifer Sprig Adapters, with Large Light Source
  • 6800-17L: Small Plant Chamber with Large Light Source
  • 6800-24L: Bryophyte Chamber with Large Light Source


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